We Do Long Term Partnerships
With Tech Companies and Agencies

We captain mobile app projects with the Lean App Process, from the startup phase and build and constantly improve apps over time based on user feedback,
How do you want to work together?

Outsource your mobile app

Partnerships with tech companies

Let your team focus on what they’re good at. We integrate seamlessly into your existing tech team, handling whatever part of the project you require, whether your project may be public or in stealth mode.

Add a new revenue stream

Partnerships with agencies

Upsell quality apps as part of projects. We become part of the team at your marketing or web agency, and handle the app project from start to finish. Under your brand, on a white-label basis. We work – you get the credit.

Get help with your project

Mobile app project consulting

Building apps involves lots of critical decisions and financial risks. A consulting agreement is a way of getting help with the critical decisions, the process, negotation with app developers and whatever else you need.

Learn how you can make your app project a success
Our free video training on app success shows how we help you make your app project more succesful.

Hire us with less risk than others – get FREE help
No Strings Attached — No Sales Pressure — Just Pure Value

Committing to an app developer or app agency is unusually risky. So we try to eliminate that risk.

Are we any good? Test drive us first

Are we reeeeally as good as we claim…? Well instead of trying to convince you how great we are, we like to demonstrate that we can help you, by actually helping you. For free. 
No risky premature commitments needed.

Test drive us

Are we the right match? Get to know us.

How’d you’d like to be proposed marriage on the first date? No, right? That’s why we let you take it step by step, to get to know us. First for free, then a small startup project, then design work etc. That minimizes risk a lot.

Get to know us

An open relationsship? Fine with us.

We get it, if you already have a fling with another supplier. Don’t be shy. You decide our level of involvement. We’re ok with polyamorous relationships. No jealousy here. Apply for free app startup help anyway.

Get app help

Who have we partnered with?

We’ve partnered with a wide range of companies – small startups, big corporations (incl. a fortune 500), and everything in-between — publicly and on a whitelabel basis.But we’ve especially loved to help tech companies build digital products and bring their apps to market.

Promotional Work

We’ve helped bring companies and products to market with strategy and digital marketing assets.

Product Design & Building

We’ve helped with strategy, design and building digital products. 
NOTE: Only a limited app selection is disclosed here, due to strict white-labeling agreements.

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We’ve done strategy and app work (design, coding, promos etc.) both publicly and on a white-label basis. Here’s a selection of our non-whitelabelled work.

NOTE: We do white-label apps for agencies, as part of their in-house services, under their brand. Agency names or project details for those we are not allowed to disclose publicly (neither on calls or online), so they are excluded from this portfolio. Explainer videos are done by my previous Barq Video (my previous company).

We build. You get the credit.
Outsource apps. Brand them as yours.

We can offer our services to your advertising, marketing or web development agency on a white-labelling basis.

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How to Get Started With App Development
Try us out for FREE and launch your app project — with less risk

Our job is to maximize the Success Potential of your app. That’s why we help you discover if your idea is mature before you invest in app development. That’s why all projects start out with these steps:

1. Learn from App Briefing (FREE)

Watch our free training videos on how to minimize risks and maximize the ROI from your app project. Want help to implement it (and a price)? Then apply for a free strategy session (100% non-commital, of course).

Watch Training Videos

2. Get an App Strategy (FREE)

Here we create an app strategy together, which helps you discover how your company can put together your app and reach your business goals with fewest risks and highest possible ROI. Pure value. No sales fluff.

Apply for a Session

3. Test drive our skills

If we’re the right match we’ll invite you to a smaller startup project. Here’s you’ll be able to try os out and get to know us even better WITHOUT committing to a full project. We’ll help you to get started safely and to put app on a profitable route from the beginning.