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Only 0.01% of all app projects in 2018 will be considered a financial success by their creators* 😰 Want to do as the 0.01%?In this app ROI session I’ll work with you on your app strategy to maximize your app project’s ROI and value while minimizing its budget.

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* Source: Gartner (Research Firm)

For software and hardware companies

What To Expect On The Call
You get a free app strategy ROI session for free (worth $900)

And no, this isn’t a sales meeting in disguise!
In the app strategy session I’ll help you achieve these three objectives in your specific mobile app project… Also check out the video below to learn more about the strategy session, what you’ll get out of it and who it’s for (and not for).


By identifying your company’s biggest challenges, opportunities and most important goals (so we can quantify your app’s potential, its areas of focus and make it as powerful as possible for your company).


By clarifying and quantifying the value your app’s features can contribute with, by solving those problems (so you can maximize the value of each feature and make them more desirable for the market).

Maximize your app’s ROI

By prioritizing the problems and business goals your app can solve with the highest return (so you can identify your MVP and which direction to go with your project to maximize its return of investment, while save money by trimming away unnecessary bells and whistles.

Video About the App Strategy ROI Session
Watch this video to learn more details about the content and criteria…

WARNING! My Danish accent is a bore to listen to 😂 (that’s how it goes when I try to focus so much on delivering the right insights). But I promise, the video is jam-packed with value and 100% worth it, so I won’t be too offended if you speed it up to 1,5% (click the “1x” in the right-bottom of the player).

Who will you work with?

Anders B. Nielsen is a Danish entrepreneur with 14 years of experience from digital product development and marketing and a passion for SaaS and tech. 

In Apps Captain ApS he combines user psychology with digital strategy and user experience to, together with his team, help businesses run more profitable app projects and build apps, that stand out and engage the market.

Anders B. Nielsen

Apps Captain ApS 
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