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Apps That

We use user-driven design, psychology and lean UX to help
ambitious tech leaders build superior apps, while minimizing
the risk and maximizing the ROI of their app projects.

We use user-driven design, psychology and lean UX to help
ambitious tech leaders build superior apps, while minimizing
the risk and maximizing the ROI of their app projects.


100% FREE Help For Your Project Startup — No Commitments!

99.9% of app projects fail financially.* Want to avoid that?

Did you know that only 0.01% of apps in 2018 will be considered financial successes* by their creators? Learn why they fail. * Source: Gartner (Research Firm)
Most apps project drift off without an experienced captain to minimize risks.

Let’s Captain Your App To Its Most Profitable Destination

And Help You Avert The Dangers Along The Journey

You see, most app project drift towards financial failure, due to reckless methods. Our job is to take your app along on its safest journey towards succes, by minimizing its project risks and maximizing its ROI. We do that by helping you to build the right thing, in the right way by avoiding guesswork, while trimming off unnecessary “fat” and not letting go of the rudder until you are profitable.

Help you start up

We send you off in the most safe and profitable direction, while helping you to avoid pitfalls.

We partner early in your app’s idea stage, and help you define the direction and strategy for your most profitable app journey possible with fewest risks.

Build The App your Market

We captain and/or build your app for you, and adjust its route to get it to product/market fit.

We build your app (or parts of it). Or, if others are involved, we help you to minimize risks and make the most profitable decisions during the project.

Help you become profitable

We help you reach the most profitable and succesful destination and optimize it continously.

We help you bring your app to market, generate awareness and attract users. And we care for you app by optimizing it’s engagement, retention etc.


Most apps are average. Don’t do like the 99.9%. Do better.

If you do the same things as the 99.9%,you’re going to get the same results as the 99.9%.
How We Are Different

How We Build Better Apps with Maximum ROI

While Minimizing Project Risk and Waste

Yeah, “to minimize your app project’s risks, minimize its waste and to maximize its ROI”, sounds incredibly salesy. So how do we SPECIFICALLY do better apps than others? Let me share what drives our own “Lean App” proces, and a selection of its strategies that help us build profitable apps.

Build to beat your competitors

Apps no better than their competitors lose from day 1. That’s why we learn from users about their desired experience and study their alternatives in depth, to be able to strategically build a solution that solves its problem better than your competitors’.

Build “desired” user experiences

Testing UX with your users, before building, enables us to strategically design their ideal quality user experience, that fits them like a glove and is user friendly and engaging. That’s helps to build an app your users love and to achieve product/market fit.

Design to “hook”

Average apps lose 77% of their daily active users in the first 7 days. Ouch! That’s why we implement psychology-driven behavioural triggers that help you “hook” your users within the critical first 3-7 days. This helps to boost customer lifetime value and retention.

Trim away the “fat”

Do you love wasting money? Probably not. That’s why we question features by testing them on the market first and doing ROI calculations, and trim those away that are not worth it. This helps to maximize your ROI.

Build from facts – not guesses

In a hugely competitive app market, how much success can we expect by guessing? Well, we might as well go gambling. That’s why we reduce risks by testing assumptions with the market BEFORE building anything.

Helps you achieve succes

What worth is it having an app without users? Nothing, right? That’s why we don’t just supply you with an app, and leave you hanging, but help you meet your goals with it and making it as profitable as possible.

Avg. apps lose 90% of their users after 30 days. Learn why.

The avg. app loses 77% of its daily active users (DAUs) after 3-7 days, and 95% after 90 days. So design for retention.
* Source: Quettra (Mobile Intelligence Firm)
Exclusive Training for tech and SaaS leaders & founders


Learn the Secrets Killers Behind 99.9% of App Projects….

…how the succesful avoid them, and what app agencies don’t want you to know.

If you learn about the app market and the low succes rate, you’ll be shocked to realize that the truth is that apps are very risky and uncertain investments. That’s why it’s important to be risk averse and approach apps much more strategically, than the 99,9% of apps who fail do. You need to understand the market, be sure of what you should, how you do it and be adaptable. It’s survival of the fittest.

Yes, it’s 100% free.

Want to try us out for FREE?

No Strings Attached — No Sales Pressure — Just Pure Value

Committing to an app partner is normally risky. So we try to eliminate that risk for you.

Are we any good? Test drive us first

Are we reeeeally as good as we claim…? Well instead of trying to convince you how great we are, we like to demonstrate that we can help you, by actually helping you. For free.
No risky premature commitments needed.

Test drive us

Are we the right match? Get to know us.

How’d you’d like to be proposed marriage on the first date? No, right? That’s why we let you take it step by step, to get to know us. First for free, then a small startup project, then design work etc. That minimizes risk a lot.

Get to know us

An open relationsship? Fine with us.

We get it, if you already have a fling with another supplier. Don’t be shy. You decide our level of involvement. We’re ok with polyamorous relationships. No jealousy here. Apply for free app startup help anyway.

Apply for help

Want prices? Apply for a strategy session, and tell us about your app.

Because in order to answer we need to learn more about your project. You’ll get a free app strategy to help you achieve your app’s goals with fewest possible risks and highest possible ROI.

You’re in great company

Psst… We advanced tech and SaaS!

Earlier our team has helped many types of companies (incl. a fortune 500). But we’ve especially loved the partnerships within tech helping to bring apps to the market – for instance the health app Fitmo, the IT-admin SaaS Panorama9, the Linked-In SaaS Wosju etc.
We love to launch and transform advanced tech into simple and engaging user experiences!


1% of app take 94% of the revenue. How do they do it?

The 99% struggle for the last 6%. Watch the Briefing Video and learn how you can make your app part of the succesful 1%.
* Source: SensorTower (App Intelligence Firm)
Latest digital product

Billy Mobile App is a user-friendly SaaS-based accounting app from Denmark. As Billy users ourselves (and fans), we are happy to be their app partners since 2016 and are to this day still busy designing and developing exciting features for their iOS and Android apps on an on-going basis.

Billy Mobile App
Billy Mobile App
Billy Mobile App
Billy Mobile App
Billy Mobile App

How do you differentiate your app among 10,2 mio apps?

There are 10.2 mio apps in the AppStore and Google Play. 1% of them take 94% of the profit. How do they do it?

Want an app? Give your project a safe and succesful start

Apply for our project startup help – 100% FREE – No Commitments

We look forward to meeting you. Our most important job is to help you maximize the succespotential of your app, and to make sure that you idea is mature before you invest in any kind of development. That’s why all projects start out with these steps:

1. Learn from App Briefing (FREE)

Watch our free training videos on how to minimize risks and maximize the ROI from your app project. Want help to implement it (and a price)? Then apply for a free strategy session (100% non-commital, of course).

Watch Training Videos

2. Get an App Strategy (FREE)

Here we create an app strategy together, which helps you discover how your company can put together your app and reach your business goals with fewest risks and highest possible ROI. Pure value. No sales fluff.

Apply for a Session

3. Test drive our skills

If we’re the right match we’ll invite you to a smaller startup project. Here’s you’ll be able to try os out and get to know us even better WITHOUT committing to a full project. We’ll help you to get started safely and to put app on a profitable route from the beginning.

Any questions?

Exciting! Then we look forward to hearing from you!


Psssttt… Before sending, do you want:

A price? Schedule a strategy session.
To learn more? Watch our video training on app succes here, to learn about our approach etc.

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